Sharing her love of cooking

By Georgia Owen

The Adelaide East Herald
November 11, 2021




Offering a rotating seasonal menu of everyone’s favourite hearty home-cooked meals, Local Kitchen Co is Malvern’s retail space that has your weeknight dinners sorted.

Whether you forgot to go grocery shopping or you’re too busy to plan your meals for the week, Local Kitchen Co owner Sarsha Harvey said customers can always rely on her selection of ready-to-eat staple and limited offer dishes.

“Our customers love the opportunity to enjoy a meal from our large range of curries, tray bakes and salads,” Sarsha said.

“We’ve always got butter chicken, beef lasagne and Vietnamese chicken.”

Sarsha said quality and service are at the forefront of the business.

“We love to think of our service being ‘We make the food, you make the meal’,” Sarsha said.

“I believe that at end of a busy day it’s great to be able to focus on sitting down and enjoying a meal together rather than spending that precious time worrying about what’s for dinner.”

Passionate about sharing her creations with he community, Sarsha said the drive for her business stemmed from a childhood love of cooking.

“I have always enjoyed cooking and sharing food around a table,” Sarsha said.

“I think this came from my country upbringing!

“So when I started cooking for other people the inspiration was really to help others save time and energy by providing nourishing home style food for people to make their own meal to share at home.”

Located next door to HARK! Coffee Roasters. Local Kitchen Co has been a welcomed addition to Malvern’s eateries and retail businesses since its opening in August.

Sarsha said she was fortunate to secure the dual-purpose space in a sought after location for prospective businesses.

“I was looking for and hoping to find a commercial kitchen somewhere around the local area and I was lucky enough to find our kitchen here on site, which also allows us to share our food via our welcoming retail space,” Sarsha said.

Local Kitchen Co’s customers will soon be able to order meals on the go when their new online ordering service is up and running.

Local Kitchen Co is open Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm and Saturday 9am-3pm at 57 Duthy Street, Malvern.

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